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Meateaters.co.nz is dedicated to people who love cooking meat. We welcome you! Find how and where to buy meat, and how to cook it. We’ll bring you the best meat recipes, as well as classic …

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There is more to pork than bacon, although that’s a great place to start.


Lamb chops, rack of lamb, roast lamb – my mouth is watering already.


Just because it’s big we here at Meateaters consider this the ‘grand daddy’ of the meat hierarchy.


Check in here for all the best recipes involving meat. Does not include meat hats!


News at home and around the world related to meat. We’ll give you the best, and the worst stories.

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Article Archive for October 2009

Roasted boned shoulder of lamb
October 11, 2009 – 9:53 pm | No Comment
Roasted boned shoulder of lamb

Here’s one from Paul who is the main man at Nikau Cafe in Wellington (although I don’t think they serve this there) via Mike – I cooked this last weekend, as the photos testify and …

Old or new meat – which is it?
October 10, 2009 – 5:41 pm | No Comment
Old or new meat – which is it?

Philip sent me this article from the Sydney Morning Herald website.
In Australia there are no regulations governing the age of meat. We’re not talking here about hanging meat to ‘age’ but how old the animal …

How to cook a beef fillet
October 9, 2009 – 11:07 pm | 21 Comments

A beef fillet is one of the easiest things to cook. But, because it’s expensive to buy people are nervous about ‘wasting’ their money and over cooking the meat. In my opinion it’s best cooked …

Braised leg of lamb in a bag
October 7, 2009 – 10:45 pm | 9 Comments
Braised leg of lamb in a bag

This recipe comes from the wonderful Lois Daish, An oven bag makes a handy container for braising an awkward shaped joint of meat such as a leg of lamb. After several hours slow braising …

Meateaters T-shirt, kind of
October 6, 2009 – 10:49 pm | No Comment

Spotted this new T-shirt by the crew at Threadless. Seems an appropriate T-shirt for someone in love with meat.
You can buy them here.

A potted history of Baconmania
October 4, 2009 – 9:47 pm | One Comment
A potted history of Baconmania

Apparently bacon went through a craze phase in 2008. This passed me by – I have always been crazy about bacon so it was difficult for me to differentiate ‘wild excitement about bacon’ from run …

Homekill regulations in New Zealand
October 4, 2009 – 4:59 pm | 8 Comments
Homekill regulations in New Zealand

I’ve had a few people searching for ‘homekill services’ and arriving at Meateaters.co.nz. As someone interested in sourcing cheap but great quality meat directly from the source (e.g a farmer) I figured it would be …

October 3, 2009 – 7:54 am | 4 Comments

No, not the singer but the food. Meatloaf is another staple American dish dating back to the 1800’s.
Someone out there discovered that if you ground meat then you could use more of it, including the …

Beef Bourguignon
October 2, 2009 – 11:47 pm | 2 Comments
Beef Bourguignon

This is as staple a French meal as one can get, and it’s delicious to eat. The traditional French recipe is a hearty peasant-type meal which relies on slow cooking and the aromatic flavours of …

Slow cooker corned beef
October 2, 2009 – 8:29 pm | 2 Comments
Slow cooker corned beef

This recipe comes from Sue who left this alternative recipe as a comment on the other corned beef recipe.
Sue reckons a slow cooker or crock pot makes the best corned beef.
Corned beef from butcher or …