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March 28, 2010 – 10:01 am | 13 Comments

Meateaters.co.nz is dedicated to people who love cooking meat. We welcome you! Find how and where to buy meat, and how to cook it. We’ll bring you the best meat recipes, as well as classic …

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There is more to pork than bacon, although that’s a great place to start.


Lamb chops, rack of lamb, roast lamb – my mouth is watering already.


Just because it’s big we here at Meateaters consider this the ‘grand daddy’ of the meat hierarchy.


Check in here for all the best recipes involving meat. Does not include meat hats!


News at home and around the world related to meat. We’ll give you the best, and the worst stories.

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Article Archive for April 2012

Cow-pooling – a response
April 30, 2012 – 11:29 pm | One Comment
Cow-pooling – a response

The TVNZ Sunday programme generated so much interest in the Meateaters website, and so many emails asking for help on how to contact others interested in cow-pooling that I thought I should provide an update …

Where to buy cheap meat
April 29, 2012 – 5:51 pm | 3 Comments
Where to buy cheap meat

TVNZ’s Sunday programme has a story tonight on how to save money buying meat.
Meateaters was contacted a few months back to talk about the legality of buying meat directly from the farm gate – it’ll …

Al Brown’s ‘Depot’ wins the Metro Restaurant of the Year award
April 24, 2012 – 10:25 pm | One Comment
Al Brown’s ‘Depot’ wins the Metro Restaurant of the Year award

Al Brown has won the supreme award in Metro Magazine Restaurant of the Year Award for his acclaimed new eatery Depot.
The Federal St, Auckland eatery has been named the winner of the supreme award, as …

Simon Gault is the new face of NZ Pork
April 14, 2012 – 9:02 pm | No Comment
Simon Gault is the new face of NZ Pork

Back in 2009 Mike King was the frontman for New Zealand Pork. He quit after breaking into a crate farm where he found pigs were so badly treated they were screaming and frothing at the …