Angus Heifers for sale – cow poolers, anyone?

Martyn McFayden has two beautiful  prime angus heifers for sale.

They should  kill at about  280kgs. The local trade schedule at present is aprox $4.10 and rising due to a softer export dollar. Martyn has farmed these cattle for twelve months – lighter ones were killed at 240kgs in February.

Martyn can arrange slaughter and a butcher, if he could get $1100 per head.

He is based in Waitakere, Auckland. If you’d like to make contact then please send him an email to

This is a one off, due to these being the last of the mob. If he sells these then there’s a possibility he’ll get more stock in to fatten. The feed is disappearing so they will need to go in a week  or so, otherwise Martyn will send them to the works.

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