Everyone has their favourite meat recipe and this site will honour those recipes.

Meateaters is happy to take contributions from anyone. You don’t need to be a qualified chef, or cook. You just have to have a great recipe and be prepared to share it.

Recipes change and morph over time so no recipe can ever be considered unique to one person. However, if Meateaters finds a recipe that they would like to share and it does come from a known source then we will always give an appropriate credit where credit is due. We might even link to a book or another website if that’s something we can do.

If you want to contribute a recipe then please acknowledge the source, even if the recipe is loosely based on an original recipe. All recipes should be sent to Please send pictures if you have them.

We’ll always acknowledge our contributors too – a list of enthusiasts that we hope to grow over time.

Alan Doak:

Alan Doak, as photographed by his 7 year old son
Alan Doak (Photo by Arlo, aged 7)

Alan is by no means a professional chef, or even a particularly great cook – but he knows what he likes. He spent time in 2008 trying to cook a perfect roast. While he’s not writing about meat or waxing lyrical on his personal blog he can be found marketing Sharesies.