Making your own corned beef

I’m thinking about making my own corned beef. I have a great recipe from Lobel’s Meat Bible – the recipe needs 1 oz of pink curing salt.

Does anyone out there know where to get this? I have looked online and it seems you can only buy big bags of it – someone recommended buying a small quantity from your local butcher.

Any ideas? We’re talking about buying in New Zealand in case you’re wondering.

Thanks in advance.



    1. Alan

      Hi Asep

      I have tried to get pink salt in the past. It’s difficult to buy except in large quantities and from a wholesaler.

      Pink salt is only to make the meat look red. It has no preservative qualities at all. So you could just as easily cure meat with a non-iodised salt but it would be more of a grey colour than red.

      There’s an interesting discussion here:,146927

      I think the best option would be to ask your friendly local butcher if he could sell you some.

      Good luck.

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