Ask the Butcher iPhone App

As a relatively new iPhone owner I have a habit of downloading apps that will either provide entertainment, or provide me with something useful. I’m yet to download any recipe apps but I did spy this one that may be of benefit to the meat eating fraternity.

It’s called Ask the Butcher and comes to the app store from the team at Vic’s Meat, Australia’s premium meat supplier (in their own words).

The application includes diagrams of cuts, across lamb, beef, veal and pork. As well it lists the different cuts of meat with good explanations of where to find that cut of meat on the animal and then provides a recipe using that cut of meat.

The piece de resistance though is the cooking time calculator. The timer is split across BBQ and roast. Select how you like to eat your meat along with the weight and the calculator will tell you how long to cook the meat and how long to rest it.

For $2.59 it’s a small amount to pay for some security on cooking times, or for recognising where on an animal your meat is coming from. For the more experienced meat cookers you could probably save your money.

Ask the Butcher iPhone app - brought to you by Vic Meats
List of meat cuts with description
Recipes for each cut of meat
Cooking time calculator
Cuts of meat from the animal

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