A sausage wins 2009 Cuisine Artisan Awards

There is nothing quite so satisfying as a good sausage. And it doesn’t need to be a fancy polish sausage or a salami. Just your bog-standard pork or beef sausage will make my mouth water.

Having said that though it’s great to see a sausage win the Cuisine Artisan Awards for 2009.

Salumeria Fontana Sicilian Sweet Fennel sausages emerged as the Supreme Winner. Handmade with the greatest of care and the best of ingredients by Greg Scopas, apparently they exemplified top-notch artisan fare.

Greg started making his own sausages after experiencing ‘real’ sausages staying with his grandparents in Italy. Like all godd things his passion turned into a commercial reality. He made his first sausage for sale  in 2000.

The judges found his Sweet Fennel Sausages beautifully elegant, sweet and fresh, with great flavours, tasting clearly of pork and fennel and with perfect seasoning and tender skin. And all his sausages are preservative and gluten free.

The sausages are superb quality with visible chunks of meat (and fat) proving that they have only been minced once. Greg uses only happy Murrellen pork from Canterbury as it can be traced right back to where it came from, and it’s consistently very high quality meat.

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