Angus beef on the rise

Angus beef farmers have struck gold with their meat being supplied to the McDonalds fast food franchise.

McDonald’s patrons, according to todays Dominion Post, have eaten their way through 1000 tonnes of angus burgers. Angus beef farmers are now the envy of the cattle industry.

It’s hard to know whether McDonald’s customers can actually tell the difference between a normal burger or whether this is clever marketing by the NZ AngusPure group. Either way the farmers are loving it. And McDonald’s are about to offer their third branded Angus offering – a beef patty coated in tomato chilli relish.

Farmers get premium prices for supplying McDonald’s with beef and it varies during seasons and depends on the product they supply. The deal was made with McDonald’s in August 2009  seeing angus meat used in burgers in the United States, Canada and Australia, bringing McDonald’s’ annual beef purchase total to approximately 5.2 million kg up from 4.7 million kg in 2008.

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