Let them eat meat

I’m sure this won’t come as a surprise to most of you but New Zealand is right up there with the best of them when it comes to meat consumption per capita.

The good folk at GOOD have make an attractive wall chart that illustrates this in relation to common food stuffs. According to them, and the World Resources Institute from whence they grabbed their data Godzone is rated second in the world (313.3 lbs per person) behind Denmark (321.7 lbs) and ahead of Luxembourg (312.4 lbs).

I have no idea whether these stats are accurate – I’m sure I read not that long ago that Argentina ate more meat per capita and that figure stood at aroud 635 lbs per capita.

Regardless of the accuracy it’s a nice looking graph.

Download it as a PDF here (944kB).

Or visit the site and play with the interactive version here.


  1. It sounds about right going by the charts on this page which are based on the UN Food and Agriculture Organisation.

    That said, I am considered a fairly large meat eater by most people I know but somebody out there must be eating huge amounts more than me in order to account for all the vegetarians and minimal meat eaters out there. I doubt whether I eat around 0.4 kg of meat a day.

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