Meat is good for you

Don’t just take my word for it – apparently it’s been proven (scientifically) that eating a diet of meat can have health benefits. I’m not advocating eating only meat (although I do know someone who does this and is thin as a rake) but I am suggesting that you can afford to have more meat in your diet than you might be otherwise led to believe.

A blog post was brought to my attention by a commenter on this blog (thanks Mike). In case you missed the comment and the link I’m going to paraphrase a few points from that original posting. If you want you can read the whole article here.

Two US physicians (Blake Donaldson, M.D, and Walter Voegtlin, M.D) working independently stumbled across what they believed to be a successful method at rapidly decreasing fat around the mid section – the belly fat that is the bane of many middle aged men in particular.

What was their secret? What did these two men independently discover? What kind of nutritional regimen did they use to bring about such great results in their patients?

Both had their patients follow an all-meat diet.

Meat has a greater percentage of saturated fat. Contrary to everything you might read in the news saturated fat plays a role in improving cardiovascular health.

The addition of saturated fat to the diet reduces the levels of a substance called lipoprotein (a)—pronounced “lipoprotein little a” and abbreviated Lp(a)—that correlates strongly with risk for heart disease. Currently there are no medications to lower this substance and the only dietary means of lowering Lp(a) is eating saturated fat… Moreover, eating saturated (and other) fats also raises the level of HDL, the so-called good cholesterol.

Eating saturated fat also increases bone density, and improves liver health.

Read the rest of the article here…

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