Sausage awards – 2012

Congratulations to all the winners in the 2012 Great NZ Sausage competition. Support your local butchers!


GOLDAussie Butcher New LynnMSG/Dairy/ Gluten Free Beef
Avons Butchery100% pure beef
SILVERNetherby MeatsBeef
Wakatipu New World Pure Beef
BRONZEAngus MeatsBeef
South City New WorldPrime Beef


GOLDWakatipu New World Pure Pork
Gate Pa New World Pork
Grey Lynn Butchers Traditional Pork
Harris Meats Pork
SILVERMagills ButcheryPure Pork
Seaside MeatsCountry Style Pork
BRONZEGrey Lynn ButchersTraditional Pork
Harris MeatsPork


GOLDAngus Meats Cocktail
Harris Meats Saveloy
Hellers LtdSaveloy/Red Polony
BRONZEHarris MeatsSaveloy
Hellers LtdSaveloy/Red Polony

Flavoured precooked

GOLDFranklin Country MeatsSmoked Paprika & Cheese
Angus MeatsBeef
South City New World Prime Beef
Hellers Ltd Chunky Cheese
Franklin Country Meats Spicy BBQ Skinnies
BRONZEHellers LtdChunky Cheese
Franklin Country Meats Spicy BBQ Skinnies


GOLDGreytown ButcherBeef Pre-cooked
Preston’s Master Butchers, TuringiaPre-cooked Bratwurst
SILVERAllenton Meat CentreBeef Pre-cooked
BRONZEGreytown ButcherBeef Pre-cooked


GOLDBrookfield New World Pork Flavoured
Brookfield New WorldBeef Flavoured
SILVERGreytown ButcheryBeef Flavoured
BRONZEBrookfield New World Pork Flavoured

Frankfurters and rounds

GOLDHarris Meats Frankfurter
Island Bay & Strathmore Butcheries Smoked Kielbasa
SILVERHellers Ltd American Cheese Skinless Frankfurters
BRONZEHarris MeatsFrankfurter


GOLDGrey Lynn Butchers Cumberland
Brookfield New WorldLamb,Mint,Herb & Rosemary
Windsor New WorldSmokey Bacon & Beef
Hellers LtdHoney, Lamb & Rosemary
Harris Meats Old English
Harris MeatsTomato & Basil
SILVEREuro Deli MeatsPork Bratwurst
Hellers Ltd Old Fashioned Beef
Nelson New World Pork, Apple, Sage & Rosemary
BRONZEGrey Lynn ButchersCumberland
Brookfield New WorldLamb, Mint, Herb & Rosemary
Windsor New WorldSmokey Bacon & Beef

Bratwurst and boerewors

GOLDMagills Butchery  Boerewors
Countdown SupermarketsFresh Zone Boerewors
Agora The Good Food Shop Pork Bratwurst
SILVERGrey Lynn Butcher Boerewors
BRONZEMagills Butchery Boerewors
Countdown SupermarketsFresh Zone Boerewors

International spicy

GOLDA Verkerk LtdChorizo
Pokeno BaconSpicy Italian
Peter Timbs Meats Chorizo
Brookfield New World Chorizo
SILVERAngus Meats Cajun Scorcher
Peter Timbs MeatsHot Hungarian
BRONZEA Verkerk Ltd Chorizo
Pokeno Bacon Spicy Italian

International mild

GOLDPeter Timbs Meats Kolbasz
Angus MeatsItalian Casalinga & Fennel seed
Ellerslie MeatsItalian Fennel
Ashby’s Fine Meats & Deli Pork Casalinga
SILVERFranklin Country Meats Moroccan Lamb
Mangawhai Meat Shop Smoked Kransky
BRONZEPeter Timbs Meats Kolbasz


GOLDFranklin Country MeatsBeef & Wasabi
Meat CuisineChicken & Sage
Seaside Meats Chicken, Apricot & Almonds
Deep Creek Deli Spicy Lamb Jalapeno
Brookfield New WorldMussel
Aussie Butcher New Lynn Gluten Free Beef, Cracked Pepper & Worcestershire
Westmere Butchery Ltd Spicy Chicken & Coriander
Allenton Meat Centre Venison, Red wine & Pepper
SILVERAgora The Good Food Shop Salmon
Pokeno Bacon Green Thai Pork
New World Te Rapa Speights Southern Lamb
Black Rock Butchery Nosh Food Market, Breakfast
BRONZEFranklin Country MeatsBeef & Wasabi
Meat Cuisine Chicken & Sage
Seaside Meats Chicken, Apricot & Almonds
Deep Creek DeliSpicy Lamb Jalapeno

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