Sausage awards – 2013

Congratulations to all the winners in the 2013 Great NZ Sausage competition. Support your local butchers!

The Supreme winner was: The Village Butcher | Village Pork and the People’s Choice was New World Milford Venison And Blackcurrant.

Traditional Beef

GOLDClarks The Organic Meat SpecialistOrganic Beef
SILVERNew World Rototuna Delights Pure Beef
BRONZEEllerslie MeatsBeef

Traditional Pork

GOLDNew World RototunaDelights Pure Pork
SILVERNew World Te Rapa TR Pride Pure Pork
BRONZECol’s Butchery & Deli Irish Pork


GOLDTegel Foods Top Hat Cocktail
SILVERHellers Cocktail Gluten Free Skinless
BRONZEMurchison Meats Saveloy

Precooked Barbeque

GOLDPreston’s Master ButchersTuringia Bratwurst
SILVERIsland Bay ButcheryBavarian*
BRONZETegel FoodsTegel Traditional Pre-cooked


GOLDGreytown Butchery Beef Flavoured
SILVERTegel FoodsTop Hat Pork Flavoured
BRONZELeonards Beef Flavoured

Traditional flavoured

GOLDThe Village ButcherVillage Pork
SILVERNew World St Martins Pork, Herb & Garlic
BRONZELeonardsBeef Flavoured

Black Pudding / Rounds

GOLDIsland Bay Butchery Black Pudding
SILVERDeep Creek Deli Black Pudding
BRONZEPeter Timbs Meats White Pudding

Continental Fresh

GOLDPeter Timbs Meats Spanish
SILVERAvon’s Butchery Italian Fennel
BRONZEMagills Butchery Romanian Pork & Garlic

Continental Ready-to-Eat

GOLDVerkerks Rookworst
SILVERFranklin Country Meats  Manuka Smoked Horseshoe
BRONZEPeter Timbs Meats Chorizo-Hot


GOLDNew World MilfordVenison & Blackcurrant
SILVERPreston’s Master Butchers Cracked Pepper, Coriander & Basil
BRONZENew World Te Rapa TR Pride Thai Chilli Pork

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