Sausage awards – 2015

Peter Kendrick from Countdown with the Supreme Award trophy

Congratulations to all the winners in the 2015 Great NZ Sausage competition. Support your local butchers!

The Supreme winner was Countdown for their Alpine Pork sausage. Countdown also won a Gold Award for their Pork Flavoured sausage.

Other butchers of note, and regular award winners were Peter Timbs Meats in Christchurch. They took home two Golds, 2 Silvers and 3 Bronze. Hellers took home 2 Golds and 4 Silvers, and Harris Meats in Cheviot won 1 Gold, 2 Silvers, and 1 Bronze.

There were slim pickings in the Gourmet Beef category with only one Gold awarded and no Silver or Bronze. And there were no Bronze awards given in the Gourmet Pork category.

Continental Fresh

GOLDEllerslie Meats, AucklandItalian Fennel
Elite Meats – ChristchurchItalian Pork
SILVERMagills Butchery, Te AwamutuPork Toulouse Breakfast
Peter Timbs Meats, Christchurch Merguez Bratwurst
BRONZEMangawhai Meat ShopPork Spicy Italian
Pams Fresh Express, Christchurch Pams Italian Lamb

Continental Ready-to-eat

GOLDThe Aussie Butcher, New Lynn Bierstick
Peter Timbs Meats, ChristchurchKranksy
SILVERMagills Butchery, Te AwamutuCheese Kransky
HellersCheese Kransky
BRONZEIsland Bay Butchery, Wellington Russian
Peter Timbs Meats, ChristchurchChorizo


GOLDCountdownPork Flavoured
HellersBeef Flavoured
SILVERA.E Preston, WellingtonBeef Flavoured
HellersPork Flavoured
BRONZEGreytown Butchery, MastertonBeef Flavoured
Leckie’s Butchery, Dunedin Melbourne Sausage

Gourmet Beef

GOLDTe Rapa Pride, AucklandBeef and Blue Cheese

Gourmet Pork

GOLDBishopdale New World Cracked Pepper, Coriander and Basil
SILVERMoos, Baas & Oinks, PutaruruCurry Pork
Hellers Pork, Chilli & Apricot

Pre-cooked BBQ

GOLDGreytown Butchery Beef Flavoured Pre-Cooked
Harris Meats, Cheviot Beef Pre-Cooked
SILVERThe Kiwi Butcher Shop, New Plymouth Pre-Cooked Beef
Netherby Meats, Ashburton Beef Pre-Cooked
BRONZEMagills Butchery, Te Awamutu Pre-Cooked
Angus Meats, Christchurch Pre-Cooked Beef and Cheese


GOLDWestmere Butchery Duck A’La’Orange
New World Gore Chicken, Cranberry and Camembert
SILVERAussie Butcher Shop, New Lynn Sweet Chilli Chicken
Deep Creek Deli and Butchery, DunedinChicken Chardonnay
BRONZEEllerslie Meats, AucklandWild Apricot and Tarragon Chicken
Peter Timbs Meats, Christchurch Mushroom and Leek Chicken

Black Pudding / Rounds

GOLDGreytown Butchery, MastertonBlack Pudding
Hellers Black Pudding
SILVEREastbourne Village Meats, Lower HuttBlack Pudding
Peter Timbs Meats, ChristchurchBlack Pudding
BRONZEPark Avenue Continental Meats, Lower HuttBlack Pudding Old English Recipe
Peter Timbs Meats, Christchurch White Pudding

Saveloy / Polony / Cocktail

GOLDThe Kiwi Butcher Shop, New PlymouthSaveloy
Cattermoles Butchery, Kaiapoi Smoked Saveloy
SILVERMagills Butchery, Te AwamutuSaveloy
Harris Meats, Cheviot Smoked Saveloy
BRONZEEastbourne Village Meats, Lower HuttCheerio
Netherby Meats, AshburtonSaveloy

Traditional beef

GOLDCountdownAngus Beef
Angus Meats, Christchurch Angus Reserve Beef Sausage
SILVERCountdownCountdown Traditional Beef
Eastside Butchery, TemukaTraditional Beef
BRONZEMoos, Baas and Oinks, PutaruruPure Beef
Cattermoles Butchery, Kaiapoi Pure Beef

Traditional flavoured

GOLDMeat King, AucklandLamb and Mint
New World Woolston, ChristchurchPork, Fennel and Mint
SILVERMagills Butchery, Te AwamutuVenison and Cheese
Harris Meats, CheviotBeef, Herb and Garlic
BRONZEWestmere Butchery, AucklandPork and Leek
Deep Creek Deli & Butchery, Dunedin Pork and Fennel

Traditional pork

GOLDCountdownCountdown Alpine Pork
Peter Timbs Meats, Christchurch100% Free Farmed Pork
SILVERNew World, RototunaPure Pork
Hellers Free Farmed Country Pork
BRONZEThe Aussie Butcher, New LynnTrue Pork (MSG, Dairy and Gluten-Free)
Harris Meats, Cheviot Gourmet Pork

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