Julia Child’s kitchen a no meat zone

Julia Child is hot property at the moment what with the new movie (starring Meryl Streep) from the cook book cum diary Julie and Julia.

People are rediscovering the art of the Julia Child recipe and reuniting with her charm and wit – including the high pitched falsetto and wacky sense of humour and turn of phrase.

It comes as a shock to hear, via the Boston Globe, that the new owners of Julia Child’s mansion are vegetarian!

The new owner, Lisa Landsverk, has a painting of a cow that reads: “Nobody says when I grow up I want to be a hamburger…’’ Lisa is an animal rights activist and a vegetarian – plus she doesn’t allow butter in the house (so she’s technically a vegan). Needless to say she won’t be making regular visits to meateaters.co.nz.

What is more the matriarch of the family in Child’s old house doesn’t even do much cooking.

Read the rest of the story here…

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