Glasseye Creek Wild Meat Sauce – pork spare ribs

The folk here at Meateaters (actually there’s only me here) are never shy to promote a product that is sure to make your meat eating experience an enjoyable one.

The folk at Glass Eye Creek have produced (I have it on good authority) a sauce to complement any meat dish. I’m keen to try it as soon as I can. Here’s where you can buy the sauce.

They also have a great story to tell on how they developed the sauce that goes with wild meat and “meat that aint so wild” – in other words any meat will do.

Here’s a recipe off their website for pork spare ribs – one of my favourite cuts of meat:


  • 2-3 kg of meaty Pork Ribs – whole (not as fingers)
  • Enough Glasseye Creek Wild Meat Sauce to baste ribs


Brush sauce over ribs. Place ribs in Crock Pot and cook on high for 6-9 hours. Check ribs each hour or so and ensure ribs are saucy enough.

When ready to serve, place ribs on hot BBQ grill, meat side down and blast for a few minutes until slightly blackened and sticky from the caramelised Glasseye Creek Sauce.


Place under hot grill of oven, meat side up, until sticky and screaming ‘EAT ME NOW’.

Cut into your preferred serving size, and serve hot.


Saucy rib recipe from


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