Animal restaurant in Los Angeles – A meat-lovers paradise!

I love eating meat but the two owners and chefs at Animal restaurant in Los Angeles take the art of eating meat to a new height. They are proponents of the ‘use all the animal’ movement. Their menu has marrow bone, pigs ears, foie gras, sweetbreads and head cheese (something to do with cooking a pig head slowly and then leaving it overnight to congeal) to name a few.

Jon Shook and Jimmy Dotolo opened Animal in 2008. Since then they have won many awards: Food and Wine Best New Chefs of 2009; James Beard nomination for Best New Restaurant; and most recently Rising Star Chefs by Star Chefs. As well as being well regarded as chefs they also excel as authors – their cookbook – Two Dudes, One Pan – gets rave reviews on the Amazon website.

I read about them in the latest The New Yorker magazine. According to The New Yorker:

…Animal’s staples are outrageous concoctions that might be called whimsical if they weren’t so rich: expertly prepared junk food made from exquisite ingredients…the tamest offerings are a flat-iron steak under a slick of truffle-Parmesan fondue, and a forty-six ounce rib eye, which requires nearly an hour on the grill…

The restaurant is in the old Jewish district of LA – which is ironic since the majority of their meals contain pork. They have no signage but offer the following directions to find the restaurant:

There is no sign in front of our restaurant. We are four doors up from CANTER’S DELI on the same side of the street. Our cross streets are ROSEWOOD and OAKWOOD. Major cross streets are MELROSE AVE and BEVERLY BLVD.

We have VALET parking. You may also park at public meters FREE after 8pm.

Or you could find them on Google maps, or Street View.

If any of you are heading to LA and want to taste the food then it’s advisable to make a booking well in advance. The restaurant only seats 45 and sometimes the wait time for the bar (seats seven) is over three hours long. Good luck.

Images courtesy of revrev on Flickr.

Pork-belly and kimchi - a signature dish at Animal
Pork-belly and kimchi - a signature dish at Animal

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