Al Brown’s ‘Depot’ wins the Metro Restaurant of the Year award

Al Brown has won the supreme award in Metro Magazine Restaurant of the Year Award for his acclaimed new eatery Depot.

The Federal St, Auckland eatery has been named the winner of the supreme award, as well as best new restaurant and best casual bistro at the annual awards. Brown also won the Audi restaurateur of the year award.

Al Brown

Depot, which opened last year, is part of what has been called the changing face of dining, both geographically and atmospherically.

As well as a live oyster bar, charcoal cooking and local produce, Depot also has wine on tap served by the tumbler.

The restaurant also refuses to take reservations, a stance that isn’t relaxed, even for the world famous celebrities – even UK boy band One Direction were turned away on Friday after trying to secure a table.

Depot and its inner-city eatery neighbours have sparked a move away from the traditional restaurant hotspots and have turned areas like Federal St into new dining destinations.

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