Where to buy cheap meat

TVNZ’s Sunday programme has a story tonight on how to save money buying meat.

Meateaters was contacted a few months back to talk about the legality of buying meat directly from the farm gate—it’ll be interesting to see what the story uncovers.

Here’s the precis from the TVNZ website:

The Kindest Cut 
The best cuts of meat taste sweeter when they are cheaper. SUNDAY tests a new consumer trend…how to beat the butcher and the supermarkets when buying meat. Fill the deep freeze, get the best the farm can offer and save hundreds of dollars in the process. Is it too good to be true? 

Correspondent – Peter Cronshaw 
Producer – Joanne Mitchell 
Camera– Dave Pierce 
Editor – Will Kong 

Sunday, TV1, 7.30 pm, 29 April 2012


  1. Penny

    Hi Alan

    I found Sundays programme extremely positive and motivating for me. I have had the idea floating around for years about starting a business to provide this to the public that can’t experience the joys and benefit of home kills.
    Very lucky to live on a farm and taste the rewards of animals that have been well cared for …. happy life = happy and healthy meat.

    Now I’m really interested in taking this further and researching the standards and regulations to make this happen and what requirements I would need to meet.

    Do you have any current information … as I too searched “Cow Pooling” and your website came up. I was hoping you may have some new light on the matter since 2009 when your blogs/comments were raised and discussed with the public.


    1. Hi Penny

      Thanks for finding Meateaters. Visits to this site grew exponentially as a result of the TVNZ Sunday programme so there’s obviously a lot of interest in the purchase of good quality well-priced meat.

      Have a look at another post I wrote called Homekill regulations in New Zealand, and the follow up to that one as well.

      Pete Cronshaw is right about you having to have owned the animal for 28 days and being actively for it’s well-being. I think, from my reading of the law, that he was pushing the law, because he wasn’t caring for the animal directly himself. I think you’d need to be travelling to the farm and be seen to be feeding it and caring for it, otherwise you’ll be potentially liable for a hefty fine.

      You’ll be able to find more information here: Food Safety Authority

      Thanks for visiting and good luck.


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