Worlds largest meat exporter says no to beef grown on deforested land

Brazil’s biggest exporter of beef is vowing to no longer sell meat grown on land that was previously Amazonian rain forest.

JBS Frisboi, in a move that has been hailed as better late than never, has also pledged “they will not work with any farms found to be using slave labor or raising cattle in designated protected areas or on indigenous lands.”

To maintain transparency they will implement tracking of their product so they can ‘confidently’ assure the public that their beef meets these new criteria.

Ethically produced food, both from a sustainability and an organic standpoint is going to be big business. Labeling the source of food and food ingredients is only the beginning. For meat especially we want to know how the stock has been raised, the level of  intervention that has been applied to its upbringing (antibiotics and drenches etc) and how it has been killed and processed.

This level of watchfulness has even extended to clothing manufacture. Icebreaker can now identify the exact fleece that their garments are made from via their ‘baa-codes’.

If they can do it for wool then it’s crazy that we don’t demand this for food as well.

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