Australia is a meat pie

A meat pie as the Australian flag
A meat pie as the Australian flag

An advertising agency has come up with a novel and clever way of promoting the next Sydney International Food Festival – make country flags out of the food of that country.

So for Italy we get a flag made of basil, pasta and tomatoes (in that order, green-white-red). India is made of (from top to bottom) butter chicken, rice, and something that looks like Saag Gosht, with a tiny poppadom in the middle.

Australia is graced with a rendition of the meat pie. Not sure about that. New Zealand doesn’t feature but if we did I’m sure that we could lay claim to the pie stakes.

Is this another instance of the Ozzies stealing our staple food? First the pavlova, now the pie?

You can see the complete gallery of food flags here.

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