Fiji Meat Man

There are many benefits of subscribing to news updates and RSS feeds. Instead of trawling the web manually the way to go is to let sites that aggregate news send me the content that I ask it to.

So, I have set up many searches based around the generic term ‘meat’ and each day I check my Google Reader to see if anything interesting has come through.

The following video is a perfect example.

The Fiji Meat Man, all 2:29 of him, shows on rented videos, but only in Fiji.

The video seems like a classic ‘mash-up’ of bad lip syncing, synthesised music, and fake American accents. Couple that with some untoward meat humour (see what you can do with a pigs head other than eat it) and the natural (bad) acting talent of the workers and you have a classic example of local talent making a big splash in a small pond.

Except that You Tube has put them on the world stage. 40,000 + views already.

Here it is in all it’s glory.


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