Marcus the lamb is slaughtered

Marcus the lamb
Marcus the lamb

A primary school in Kent, United Kingdom established a scheme to teach young students how to rear and breed animals – presumably for food.

The students hand reared a lamb which they named Marcus. Cute.

When the lamb reached the age where it could be rendered into some tasty french cutlets the students, aged 6-11, voted almost unanimously (13-1) to send the lamb ‘down’.

Parents and animal rights activists kicked up a storm. Radio stations stumped up with the money to keep the lamb alive in a manner to which it was accustomed. Threats were made against the primary school and its teachers. And the best part: human rights campaigners are worried about the emotional impact of Marcus’s death on the children.

Given the furore around this debacle it looks like the whole scheme is going to be shelved.

All the children at Lydd primary school in Kent can return to the misguided belief that all meat just ‘appears’ on a black vacumm-packed tray in a supermarket. Wonderful.

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