Harringtons Sausage Awareness Week – 5-10 July 2010

Harringtons is a very well known small goods manufacturer here in Wellington – especially renowned for its sausages.

In a clever marketing ploy they have instigated the Harringtons Sausage Awareness Week, starting on Monday next week and running for six days. In a tongue-in-cheek (ethically grown of course) way they are bringing the sausage back to the people and raising awareness of the inappropriate use of sausage in modern cooking.

Meateaters was dreamt up over a plate of sausages, every Thursday night for a year, so I can appreciate the value of a good quality, yet humble, sausage.

Even though the campaign runs for only a week you should keep your eyes peeled for other opportunities during the year to learn about what makes a good sausage.

To learn more, and to register for a free sausage seminar go to Harringtons Sausage Awareness on Facebook, or TXT ‘Harringtons’ to 021 247 0882.

The Harringtons Sausage Awareness Week poster

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